Business Patrol

The rise in criminal activity has created a need for low cost yet effective ways to ensure safety and security for employees, guests, residents, etc. Priority Tactical is comprised of a mobile patrol and alarm response division to fulfill the needs of clients that desire maximum protection at a minimal cost.  This patrol division has expanded rapidly due to the popularity of these services and the practicality of this type of security.

The basic components of our mobile patrol are highly visible vehicles or low profile vehicles manned by well trained, experienced security officers.  All security vehicles in our fleet are equipped with safety equipment such as a fire extinguisher, first aid kit and officer location based tracking. Each officer assigned to our patrol division undergoes specified training relating to patrol procedures, c.p.r./first aid, building searches and other topics pertaining to this area of security.

The mobile patrol operates in a simple fashion, which maximizes the services offered to our clients.  Once you are an active patrol or alarm response client, our officers will patrol your account by vehicle and foot.  These officers check doors, windows, fencing and the general conditions of the property relating to security aspects.

If the officer(s) were to find a problem with an account, they would contact our 24-hour dispatch center and report their findings to the dispatcher.  In turn, the dispatcher is instructed to contact a supervisor and the client for further information and appropriate actions to be taken in this situation. 

The mobile patrol is a low cost and effective way to secure your property while you are away from your business.  In addition, this patrol takes away the added risk of clients responding to alarms unarmed and unfamiliar with the potential dangers of burglary situations and allowing you to not have to respond at 3:00am to deal with your alarm. 

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