Fire Watch

Priority Tactical officers are especially trained for fire watch duty. Our fire watch officers will familiarize themselves with your facility and continuously patrol the entire premises for the purpose of detecting fires and transmitting an immediate alarm to the Fire Department and building occupants. Our officers will document the fire watch log every half hour as required by the fire marshal. The fire log will be kept at the property for management and fire marshal for review.  We have trained security officers available to conduct fire watch services across the midwest.

You might need fire watch services for ongoing security at a construction site or office building, or you might have an emergency failure of a legally required fire safety system such as alarms, sprinklers, or pumps. Whatever the case, we can design the ideal fire watch services solution for your unique situation. You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that you are getting fire watch security guards who have the training, professionalism, and experience to do the job right.

 Where you may need fire watch services:

  • Special events.

  • Office buildings.

  • Business parks.

  • Retail centers / malls.

  • Stores.

  • Supermarkets.

  • Hotels / motels.

  • Hospitals.

  • Nursing homes.

  • Schools and colleges.

  • Industrial / manufacturing facilities.

  • Restaurants.

  • Concert venues.

  • Theaters.

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